Tenancy review for 60 Alma Street in St Michaels, Coventry rented from Demetri Koursaris

“Alma Street 60, CV1 5QA. Demetri Koursaris worst Coventry landlord”
60 Alma Street, St Michaels, Coventry, CV1 5QA View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 01/09/2017
Rent: £525
Date reviewed: 20 August 2018
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Landlord review for Demetri Koursaris, Coventry

Landlord rating: 1
Demetri is the worst landlord I have met yet. First of all, he is a liar: promises that the property will be refurbished, everything that's old will be changed, walls repainted, etc. He was supposed to refurbish the room I was renting before I move in, but it haven't changed one bit. Also, I moved out one month early while still paying for my rent and during that month he let in other people to live in the room while charging both me, and new people. Demetri Koursaris is probably one of the worst landlords you can meet in Coventry. Doesn't care about tenants, doesn't care about maintaining his property, the only thing he see's is money.
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Property review for 60 Alma Street, St Michaels, Coventry

Property rating: 1
Overpriced, mouldy, old, ugly house. The price should be half of what it actually is right now. Don't think about paying more than 300 pounds for a room in this house. No sound isolation, you can clearly hear every step or word coming from the upper floor. If you accidentally spill something in 1st floor, good chance that the liquid will go straight to the ground floor as this house has never seen any maintance at all. All this landlord does to maintain the house is paint over the mould.
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Area review for St Michaels, Coventry

Area rating: 4
If you are Coventry University student, the area is good just because it is close. Other than that, it is pretty filthy, there are a lot of wild mice and rats living nearby, you can see them every day in the bushes.
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