Tenancy review for Russett Gardens Twyford in Remenham Wargrave And Ruscombe, Reading rented from Sarah B

“Great house unless you want water, heating and nice landlord!”
Russett Gardens Twyford, Remenham Wargrave And Ruscombe, Reading, RG10 9HB View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 3
Moved In: 01/11/2015
Date reviewed: 15 August 2022
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Landlord review for Sarah B, Ruscombe

Landlord rating: 1
Has the opinion that tenants are lower standing and will use any opportunity to put tenants down. Has been caught being unprofessional and unkind about us to neighbours. Landlord is a bully. Is not interested in working with you, thinks you should be grateful that you can live in that house. Turns nasty if doesn’t get own way. Pops in when suits them and expects you to jump to their tune. Left garden in dangerous state for over 6 months as decided quote was too expensive (it was £500). Did not try and resolve water problems which left us unable to shower. This is the type of person who gives landlords bad names and why I honestly think you should be able to vet landlords so you know what you’re getting in to.
Landlord will argue over everything and blame tenant for anything gone wrong, doesn’t value tenants and thinks tenants are less worthy as they choose to rent. Landlord probably shouldn’t be letting out house because of attitude towards other and wants perfection without maintaining property. Not a nice person to deal with, has been caught out badmouthing us to neighbours-amounts to slander. Landlord has to be right every single time and turns nasty when not. My advice, stay well clear if you value your mental and physical health.
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Property review for Russett Gardens Twyford, Remenham Wargrave And Ruscombe, Reading

Property rating: 4
Could be lovely but landlord not interested in maintaining it. 3 bed 1 office, separate dining room and living area, kitchen but dishwasher in utility room, kitchen really dark and always need lights on. House is freezing in winter especially in living room due to number of outsides walls, no insulation and cheap laminate floor. Front door not fit for purpose and we had slugs coming in daily. Drive only really space for one car. Landlord stores their stuff in the garage so you can’t fully use the space. Bathroom looks nice but water pressure and temperature serious problem-you can’t shower and wash your hair. If any other water is running, everything stops. You can’t flush the toilet and then wash your hands because no water comes out the tap. Bath takes over 30 mins to half fill. Garden is difficult due to steep steps. Landlords foot went through the rotten wood in Nov 21, steps not replaced till June 22, left with dangerous, unusable garden because £500 was “too expensive”. House is honestly not worth asking price in current condition and I would rather be homeless than have any more dealings with landlord.
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Area review for Remenham Wargrave And Ruscombe, Reading

Area rating: 4
Nice area. Parking is bit of an issue in road. Plans for lots of new houses and no infrastructure to support it.
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