Tenancy review for 7 Elwin Terrace in Millfield, Sunderland rented from Anthony Prenelle

“Mould and rodents”
7 Elwin Terrace, Millfield, Sunderland, SR2 7JF View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 22/07/2019
Date reviewed: 11 November 2022
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Landlord review for Anthony Prenelle, Newcastle upon Tyne

Landlord rating: 1
This landlord did not care at all about our health.
I mentioned the mould and mouse situation to him countless times and he never bothered to help, claiming it will always be like that.

He would turn up unannounced or message me whilst I was at work saying he was coming to the flat, without giving me 24 hours notice. He also accused us of breaking some of the furniture to keep some of our deposit. This did not happen and no matter how many times I tried to argue it, he would not listen. I would have got citizen's advice involved, but it wasn't worth the money.
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Property review for 7 Elwin Terrace, Millfield, Sunderland

Property rating: 3
When we first moved in, it seemed like the perfect property for us. The furnishings were modern, there was a lot of space, and it was in a great location.
However soon after moving in we found that there was substantial mould issues that were just covered up by new paint. We tried everything, cleaning it away, getting dehumidifiers, but nothing would help.
We got sick a lot due to the mould, and there were so many areas where a draft could be felt.
The worst part though was that we got mice due to so many massive holes into the flat. We would hear scratching and running around the bedroom at night, so loud we couldn't sleep, we would find droppings on the floors, and we saw mice a few times.

We tried everything we could to get rid of them but we couldn't. Our upstairs neighbours also got rats.

Our neighbours were loud, and there were often fights at the back of the flat. I also had 2 separate occasions where my tyres were slashed along with many others on my road.
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Area review for Millfield, Sunderland

Area rating: 4
Area was in a useful location, but my tyred were slashed, a massive fire broke out at the end of the road, and I would often come across drug paraphernalia on my route to work.
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