Tenancy review for 42 The Oval in Onslow, Guildford rented from John Garrett rented via SimplyLet.net

“SimplyLet Down”
42 The Oval, Onslow, Guildford, GU2 7TZ View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 01/07/2016
Rent: £465
Date reviewed: 10 July 2017
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Landlord review for John Garrett, Guildford

Landlord rating: 2
We did not get to meet the landlord very often, and he strangely was missing from all documentation we had. He often found ways to blame us or SimplyLet rather than dealing with problems we had at the property.
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Letting agent review for SimplyLet.net, Guildford

Agency rating: 1
SimplyLet's houses are poorly maintained and the staff have a lack of care for their (primarily student) tenants. Despite our regular emails to them about repairs needed, replies were slow and nothing got done for many months. SimplyLet often tried to find ways to intimidate, blame or simply ignore us - one time they even came to the house to shout at us, without any warning! If you're forced into a tenancy with SimplyLet due to Guildford's awful housing market, make sure that you check your inventory documents (they missed 30 issues on ours) to avoid unfair bills later. I'm SimplyLet down with the service my friends and I received.
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Property review for 42 The Oval, Onslow, Guildford

Property rating: 2
The house was poorly maintained as we spent months with much of the house in disrepair, including kitchen appliances, doors, taps, locks and smoke alarms. The furniture is also mismatched and falling apart and we encountered many problems with mould throughout the house.
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Area review for Onslow, Guildford

Area rating: 3
The area is very convenient as it's within walking distance to the university, town, Tesco and sports park. We did notice some crime in the area - near the Christmas break somebody tried to break in but was unsuccessful. The neighbourhood can be very loud, with lots of shouting.
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