Tenancy review for 16 Emerald Street in Guildhall, York rented via IG Property

“Taking advantage of students...”
16 Emerald Street, Guildhall, York, YO31 8LQ View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 29/07/2018
Rent: £468
Date reviewed: 14 September 2019
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Letting agent review for IG Property, York

Agency rating: 2
IG Property are money stealing scum. They only care about fining you as much money as possible. They take no interest on their website which is designed for you to report issues to them about the property. When I asked them about this an agent told me issues could only be fixed when a the landlord agrees to pay. They stripped our living room wall when we reported the extreme mould we discovered. Then left it for the 6 months we had left till the end of our tenancy. A bare concrete wall. It made the property freezing all year round. The property made 2 of us tenants extremely ill and then hospitialised. This was reported and still no actions to fix the property were taken. Over winter I was alone in the property and the heating and hot water broke. It was 0 degrees outside. They refused to send anyone to fix it and wanted to charge me a fine for ringing the emergency number. My mum then rang and explained the ongoing health issues I had from the property and someone came out to fix it within 10 minutes.
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Property review for 16 Emerald Street, Guildhall, York

Property rating: 3
The large victorian styled property with a poorly done extra attic room was in a very poor way. Dark, damp mould began to cover all the ground floor walls from damp getting in and the continuous leak from the shower above. Ancient wall paper falling from the walls and the flooring coming away. Worst of all the dangerous shed at the rear of the property with an asbestos roof and a concrete frame; this frame crumbling which held the roof! A massive safety problem. That roof could fall on you at any time. The house was untidy and falling apart when we moved in. There is no access to the side alley to bring bikes etc, into the back garden. The neighbours had illegally taken ownership and the agency doesn't care. All equipment within the house became faulty all the time with very slow action for repairs. When we left, all 4 of us tenants fined for issues we had reported previously all year round or for issues which were already there when we moved in. It's £468 per month paid in 3 installments over the year. This is per person. This property alone generated £20k over the year from us 4 students. Its shocking!
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Area review for Guildhall, York

Area rating: 3
The Groves in York is a rough area. Loud from students on every street as we are extremely close to York St John. The drug issues and social housing problems and the people that occupy them cause lots of dangerous problems in the area. Your property or yourself is never safe walking around. Shops close by and schools. City centre 15 minutes away.
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