Tenancy review for 36 Seabraes Court in West End, Dundee rented from University Of Dundee

“Seabraes, Flats 33-64...Big Money”
36 Seabraes Court, West End, Dundee, DD1 4LA View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 7
Moved In: 01/06/2008
Rent: £630
Date reviewed: 5 December 2018
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Landlord review for University Of Dundee, Dundee

Landlord rating: 6
UoD were strict. Had to pay all up front in full or in stages (per term) and needed to pay before the term started or in large stages. It was also super expensive. I was about £530/month on average at the time, I checked it’s now up at £630/month for a room and lounge/kitchen combo common room to share between up to 6 flatmates.
There were also penalties for not paying in full before the start of term.
Inspections were fine but they controlled the heating thermostat remotely and rooms at time were cold for anyone from hotter climates...like myself and flatmates.
Not easy having to go from place to place and in the right order beforehand and with luggage to get your keys and id checks completed.
I did get matched up with other people as flatmates and it worked out well. We’re still good friends.
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Property review for 36 Seabraes Court, West End, Dundee

Property rating: 8
I stayed here when I first came to Dundee. It wasn’t long built at the time and felt a bit like a hotel at times. Rooms are ok, modern and solid, but not a lot of storage for clothes. The en-suite was great to have, but small even for me.
I’ve been back now and some of the flats have suffered. A bit worn with all the parties.
Some alarms went off a lot. My flatmates and I were quite quiet and came to study but there are a few party flats (1-32 is undergrads) and things can get a bit wild.
Also the contract was for 39 weeks even although I was a student for longer so I had to move before I was finished my course.
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Area review for West End, Dundee

Area rating: 7
It’s very close to UoD which is great. Magdalen Green is nearby and a good place to relax in the sun with friends.
The bridge is now built so an easy walk to a large Tesco.
The area is semi quiet. Definitely one of the quieter student options on campus along with West Park.
Good view of the river.
It’s not ideal for a quick message from the corner shop. If you need milk or coffee, etc you have about a 10-minute walk to shops.
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