Tenancy review for 46 Gledholt Road in Greenhead, Huddersfield rented from Rana Khan

“A landlord who bullies and steals money ”
46 Gledholt Road, Greenhead, Huddersfield, HD1 4HR View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 4
Moved In: 01/11/2016
Rent: £476
Date reviewed: 14 December 2018
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Landlord review for Rana Khan, Huddersfield

Landlord rating: 1
If I could give him zero I would. He is an awful awful man, he has no morals or no care for anyone but himself. He overcharges people for the property, he bullies tenants, even an elderly couple that lived in the room next door to me. He was trying to make them sign a new contract which would make them liable to pay for bills if he doesn't pay.
I had a lot of mould in my room develop around my window in my room which took months and months of me pestering for it to be fixed. The gas constantly goes out as he only tops up a very minimal amount each week. It would go out one to two times a week, which means no hot water, no heating, and no way to cook. There were a few occasions where there'd be no gas for two days at a time, and this is in the middle of winter and he would not care.
A tenant handed in his notice to leave and the landlord scared and bullied him so much he had trouble sleeping and he was parking his car down the street instead of in the drive because he was worried Khan would block him in and demand more money or worse.
Every tenant that leaves is refused their deposit back, myself included, for no good reason. He also does not put the deposit in the correct secure place that he should, he keeps it himself.
He is also a s*****r, he's running a forex trading s**m in which you pay a large sum for him to teach you how to trade. He started this a few weeks after first learning what forex was. He tried asking myself and other tenants to film a video for him of us saying that he ha so taught us how to trade on forex and we're earning so much money and he's so amazing etc. Well actually he didn't even ask, he repeatedly demanded it from me but I said no as I don't believe it's right to lie like that.
He steals money and doesn't care, he is a horrible person, I can't comprehend how a person can be like he is to other humans.
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Property review for 46 Gledholt Road, Greenhead, Huddersfield

Property rating: 4
The property isn't awful. It's a big old house split into flats with two shared kitchens. The kitchens are old and falling apart, the back garden, if you can really call it that, is an overgrown junkyard. The rooms, my room at least, is nice enough although not worth the rent charge. The tenants you share with could be anyone, he does not check who he is allowing to move into the property.
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Area review for Greenhead, Huddersfield

Area rating: 7
I can't really fault the neighbourhood the surrounding area is nice, it's opposite a big park and is walking distance to the town centre.
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