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26 July 2023
Nice area to walk the dog nearby and getting better all the time but have heard horror stories of muggings very close to the building location.
27 February 2023
Right next to a Manchester Metro stop. Very few amenities in the area and not much sense of community, which did become more of a problem over time. We moved in during Covid (July 2020) so it was hard to view places and there wasn't much choice.
19 October 2022
The neighbourhood was ok but ultimately has nothing to do with the rude and horrid attitude of the letting agent.
16 March 2021
- rough area, man next door to the right steals car badges, police called out x2 to house across street, motorbikes race up and down street at roughly 4am many nights and police cars with sirens on drive past regularly through all hours of the night can be heard very loudly
- one car broken into and robbed
- another car graffiti
- neighbours sprinkle broken glass on floor so you won't park on the street behind
- cars on front prone to accidents, one car parked outside house written off by accident involving two cars from neighbours to right and a few doors down to left, these neighbours tried to make out damage was already there and became aggressive when this was disputed
- parking was a struggle anyway
- bin men often just didn't empty bins and would always leave bins in random places far further down the street, then other people would bring them into their front yards and you would have no bin until you went into someone else's front yard to retrieve it
- relatively poor public transport links, closest ones are at uni and uni 25 min walk away at best
- surrounding takeways are rubbish
- people have phones robbed from them in the street
- road you have to walk down to uni (with IQ and another student accommodation on) very high crime rate (look it up)
- just generally miserable and ugly area

- Gregs and a spar round corner,
- Tesco not too far but def driving distance or mixture of long walk and buses
- not too hard to get uber into Manchester, 7 mins on a good day
- park nearby but dangerous park
- not really a pro but lots of salford student areas like this. places like langworthy road better though
- treehouse cafe round corner is nice and staff are extremely nice
23 September 2020
Great transport links and nice quiet street. Always felt reasonably safe (for Salford!)
10 September 2020
Average city neighbourhood. Reasonably safe but very dirty. People have no respect for where they live. Litter everywhere!
14 May 2020
Very sketchy area, shady people going around. Kind of dirty especially in Cannon street.
3 February 2020
The area is perfectly nice for Salford. As with any urban city there's occasional issues with youths, but nothing street smarts can't handle. Close to the university and to the shopping centre and supermarket.
18 November 2019
Friendly neighbours, community feel, band together and will support you. Had chats with many people on this street and no problem with anyone whatsoever. Shop directly across the road so that's really convenient as well as a nice park just down the road. Well connected area with buses so often its impossible not to see one driving past. Connections also to the motorway and out of Manchester due to location.
14 September 2019
As a student area the neighborhood has clearly had investment from student housing and shops like Spar and Subway but cross a bridge in any direction and you'll hit deprived and crime ridden parts of the city. Police sirens are frequent at all hours, as are fights kicking off in the street. Surrounding neighbourhoods are frequently in the local and national news for serious crime, and the occasional body washes up in the Irwell.

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