10 Great Cheetham Street West

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16 March 2021

Mr And Mrs Bowles, Salford

2 ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Landlord rating

- itinerary not provided until we asked, when received it was filled untruthfully by landlords (eg fridge in clean working condition when it was dirty and door was broken)
- didn't care about us at all when asked to maintain better standards e.g. about cleaning they said we were 'only students' so?
- one of landlords became emotional when politely prompted for help about non-functioning fire doors after many months of inaction from letting agents, said they don't know about this stuff and not in the emotional state to deal with this right now. So don't? sell the house? get a job?
- owned student multiple properties but no understanding of safety or cleanliness
- not that friendly, no relationship there

- let some tenants pay half rent for months we wanted to store belongings but weren't living there at beginning of tenancy
- well not really a pro but it was the letting agents who were the real pains in the arse over the landlords
-charged us £395 a month per person, meaning they were bringing in 33.5k a year pre-tax from just this house just for simply owning the hell hole but it was bills included and not actually that more expensive than the other student accommodation in salford LOL
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Mistoria Estate Agency, Manchester

1 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Letting Agent rating
- itinerary not provided until we asked for it
- always gave us awful contractors DO NOT TRUST: contractors ate our food, used our cutlery and left in random rooms in house, stole our belongings (curtain poles, multiple pieces of jewellery) and treated our house like we weren't living there (once came home to beds dismantled and on side, had to unlock other people's rooms to bed able to sleep)
- contractors never cleaned dup after themselves and mistoria didn't seem to care, we're talking rolls of carpet left in front yard which led to full on fly-tipping in our front yard
- insisted on keeping Mistoria sign outside 24/7 which let everyone know students were living in the house
- always let themselves in unannounced with less than 24 hours notice if any notice at all and gave contractors keys to do the same
- multiple occasions where members letting agent staff unlocked doors to people's bedrooms to unsuspecting tenants who were indecent and at least once completely naked
- letting agents tried to charge us for wear and tear repairs, and call outs over things that were not our fault and we had to reject this in writing
- this request for payment was also received as a snarky 'second reminder' letter despite never receiving the first and it not being our responsibility to pay anyway
- lied multiple times e.g. about fixing fire door and Mistoria doing full clean before we moved in when in reality fire doors took a lot of pressure, multiple attempts (so they could try to avoid replacing whole door with one that actually fit frame which was the real issue) and 6-9 months to be fixed
- took no responsibility for safety and cleanliness of the house
- often sent communications for wrong house which included names of people living there - confidentiality much?
-overall I was very anxious living here and felt very unsafe and unsupported
- charged us BS 'admin fees' then charged us under another name for the things this money was supposed to cover eg cleaning before moving in
- I could go on

- let us keep fish
- replied quickly and typically in (at least feigned) friendly manner even if of little value

landlords were actually so bad that we took our issue to the property ombudsmen, Mistoria simply didn't respond until the afternoon of the last day of the already once-extended reply period with a reply that basically said 'we disagree' and said things that were blatantly untrue and disproven by our paper trail and we eventually received some money back as requested by property ombudsmen.

As a side note I have heard horror stories from others with Mistoria including maintenance men putting hole in ceiling on purpose over someone's bed and dead birds along with their excrement fell onto someone's bed and belongings
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10 Great Cheetham Street West, Broughton, Salford

1 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Property rating
- fire doors not functioning, said they would fix in May before we moved in, didn't fix until second assessment by Salford council in about February after multiple shoddy attempts by unknowledgeable maintenance men
- property was filthy when we moved in, estate agent agreed and then the landlords argued that they had already cleaned it and suddenly the estate agents went back on what they said, asked for a deep clean and the couple they eventually hired didn't even clean all rooms and left some with smears all over the walls
- blu tack stains covering walls from floor to ceiling
- broken floorboards, table and chair
- began renovating the property during the tenancy rather than between tenancies and contractors did so in extremely hazardous manner, our beds were dismantled and tipped on sides
- have to get meter readings every month from terrifying basement with bricks and mouldy cups
- the kitchen countertops are so poorly constructed that they dip (allowing water to pool and nothing drains on draining board, it just sits in manky water)
- house was riddled with mice and many mouse droppings when moving in, lied to us and said this wasn't an issue before but it was
- nowhere near enough storage space for 7 people
- kitchen cupboards not self-contained (open to gap behind them and some doors not closing properly) easy access for mice
- backyard absolutely overgrown with weeds, had to kill them and jet wash so we could hang clothes outside as no dryer inside and originally weren't allowed to air dry clothes inside so that they could blame mould on us if we did, but if they fell off line outside they were filthy again
- relatively small fridge space for seven people one was broken upon moving in
- electrics often would short for no apparent reason and
- oven fan was so loud sometimes you could barely stand to be in the kitchen
- no extractor fan in kitchen but then some weird one put into wall after we raised this that doesn't really cut it???
- front yard filthy overgrown with weeds bins filthy, Mistoria sign outside all time let people know we were students, very cheap rooms next door and big sign for this also that people frequently thought was us.
- usually always cold even with heating on as constant draughts
- mould in kitchen, whole house prone to mould had to regularly clean around windows with bleach
- few amenities: no dishwasher even though it had said this on website at one point, no dryer, one washing machine, originally only one oven for 7 even though housing standards say two, little storage, originally not enough chairs for all house, no TV, poor wifi, no mop, extremely poor vacuum (literally didn't pick anything up)
- I could go on

most rooms are big, though a couple of box rooms. a bit nicer after renovation but all this was was a (shoddy) paint job and new carpet
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Broughton, Salford

1 ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Area rating
- rough area, man next door to the right steals car badges, police called out x2 to house across street, motorbikes race up and down street at roughly 4am many nights and police cars with sirens on drive past regularly through all hours of the night can be heard very loudly
- one car broken into and robbed
- another car graffiti
- neighbours sprinkle broken glass on floor so you won't park on the street behind
- cars on front prone to accidents, one car parked outside house written off by accident involving two cars from neighbours to right and a few doors down to left, these neighbours tried to make out damage was already there and became aggressive when this was disputed
- parking was a struggle anyway
- bin men often just didn't empty bins and would always leave bins in random places far further down the street, then other people would bring them into their front yards and you would have no bin until you went into someone else's front yard to retrieve it
- relatively poor public transport links, closest ones are at uni and uni 25 min walk away at best
- surrounding takeways are rubbish
- people have phones robbed from them in the street
- road you have to walk down to uni (with IQ and another student accommodation on) very high crime rate (look it up)
- just generally miserable and ugly area

- Gregs and a spar round corner,
- Tesco not too far but def driving distance or mixture of long walk and buses
- not too hard to get uber into Manchester, 7 mins on a good day
- park nearby but dangerous park
- not really a pro but lots of salford student areas like this. places like langworthy road better though
- treehouse cafe round corner is nice and staff are extremely nice
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