Tenancy review for 2 Chapel Street in Irwell Riverside, Salford rented via X1 Lettings

“X1 left me with permanent health issues & broke their own contract.”
2 Chapel Street, Irwell Riverside, Salford, M3 5JZ View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 01/09/2017
Rent: £1120
Date reviewed: 4 August 2018
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Letting agent review for X1 Lettings, Salford

Agency rating: 1
X1 as a company is disgusting. They frequently flaunted their side of the contract during my tenancy, such as ignoring my maintenance tickets for months, instead of answering within the specified time limit. The first account manager of the property quit during my tenancy. The second account manager was rude, accusatory and aggressive when I contested her claims that I didn't have photographic proof of my mattress being covered in blood stains/sweat when I moved in.
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Property review for 2 Chapel Street, Irwell Riverside, Salford

Property rating: 1
X1 Chapel Street is an absolute disgrace. I hardly know where to begin with the complaints I have. First of all, marketing an accommodation as "luxury" when there are rat/roach infestations and their poisoned bodies are lying on the floor without being cleaned up for over two weeks is unacceptable.

Furthermore, the company advertises 24/7 security. This is simply false. The door to the foyer was frequently left open, my neighbours were burgled during their residency and many packages were reported as stolen, with nothing being done about it.

During my stay at X1 Chapel Street, the wall-mounted cupboard fell off due to the cheap shortcuts they had taken when decorating the flat. This led to damages of my property, some of which had incredible sentimental value - this could have severely injured me or my partner as it fell right over the sink. I DID sustain substantial injuries during my tenancy - the radiator heated to such abnormal temperatures without a warning sign I sustained permanent nerve damage on my back which continues to cause me pain to this day. We also frequently lost hot water and saw significant discolouration of water in the bathroom.

The bathroom was so poorly designed - to not include ventilation in a damp area and have large windows that barely open exacerbated my pre-existing health conditions and made it very difficult to breathe. It was covered in mould despite our best efforts to maintain it - black mould covered the joints and shower. The shower was leaking when I moved in and was not fixed for over a month.

If this wasn't enough, X1 frequently flaunted their contract by not responding to maintenance requests within the specified time limits. This did not happen just once - I reported 3 broken chairs, a broken light fitting and a broken blind on the door three months prior to moving out and explained the situation in person to the account manager (who was on-site once during my contract). These requests were ignored despite my partner and I sending multiple follow-up emails and remain unfixed as I move out.

The only issue that X1 fixed was repairing the oven that was broken and subsequently fusing the entire flat when I moved in. This issue was fixed a month after the initial report was filed, which meant it was impossible to cook food.

Upon the start of my tenancy, I arrived to see the mattress with blood stains and sweat marks on it from the previous tenants. This had very clearly not been cleaned before my arrival, which I find disgusting and unacceptable.

X1 Chapel Street also advertises Sky TV for the Live/Work studios. However, the IP address for the building is incorrect and films/tv shows from certain channels cannot be downloaded. Despite this being flagged up in my first week living here, it too remains unfixed as I move out.

In conclusion, for £140 per week per person (a total of £280 pw), X1 Chapel Street is a poorly managed, dangerous place for any student to consider. Their total lack of communication and care is abysmal. I urge anyone who intends to rent with them to seriously reconsider.
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Area review for Irwell Riverside, Salford

Area rating: 5
Chapel Street itself is a gorgeous location with great transport links. The only reason I would return to X1 Chapel Street is to enjoy GK, the art gallery and cafe situated next door to the building.
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