Tenancy review for 2 Bond Street in Earlham Rise, Norwich rented from Sheridan Carver

“Roomy but with issues”
2 Bond Street, Earlham Rise, Norwich, NR2 3TS View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 7
Moved In: 19/08/2013
Date reviewed: 5 March 2021
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Landlord review for Sheridan Carver, Norwich

Landlord rating: 1
Landlords’ attitudes varied from unapproachable to downright rude. When my flatmate ended up approaching environmental health about his freezing cold room they had the cheek to turn up half an hour before and turn the boiler up.

We also had various mugs and food items go missing and turn up in the other houses these landlords managed. It turned out they’d been borrowing them to give their contractors tea and biscuits and then not bothering to return them.

Visits sometimes came at short notice and were often very nosy - lots of poking around in cupboards.
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Property review for 2 Bond Street, Earlham Rise, Norwich

Property rating: 5
Both common areas and bedrooms were large and came with furniture in good condition. However: very draughty! In the upstairs rooms the carpet would wiggle around if it was windy outside, and a flatmate complained of cold temperatures.

There was also a serious bug issue. In summer a flatmate’s room became infested with a nest of ladybirds that had presumably entered through the same gaps in the walls the wind was coming through. Other flatmates rooms became infested with their grubs, which was frankly disgusting. Even after deep cleaning we still kept finding little bug shells all over the place. One flatmate with OCD was traumatised. For a renovated property it seemed to have lots of structural problems.

Other issues included various appliances breaking down but these were always fixed in good time. No garden, but a roomy patio area and a dedicated space for bins in the front. Parking provided.
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Area review for Earlham Rise, Norwich

Area rating: 8
Neighbours were lovely, always willing to lend a hand when needed or stop for a chat. There’s an annual street party in summer and a facebook group to join.

The mosque across the road included a small shop that provided all the basics at good prices, and the staff were helpful and friendly. Parking during the mosque opening hours could get dicey though. At the other end of the street there’s a fab little café.

Downsides are that there’s a graveyard at the end of the road (which depending on your zombie preparedness levels could be offputting) and it’s about an hour’s walk to town.
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