Tenancy review for 14 Lawnswood Road in Ardwick, Manchester rented via House Share Agency (Genuine Property Investments Limited)

“WORST agency in the history of agencies”
14 Lawnswood Road, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 5UB View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 07/07/2021
Rent: £400
Date reviewed: 26 August 2021
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Letting agent review for House Share Agency (Genuine Property Investments Limited), Manchester

Agency rating: 1
Literally the worst customer service ever. They're so rude, interrupting you without letting you finish. They have absolutely no care in the world for what you're going and you're safety. Someone in our house, who we had no contact with had covid-19 and informed the agency specifically stating they would need to let us know because he had no contact information for us, and they did nothing. He went 8 days into his isolation before one of us found out he had covid. They don't let you know when a stranger is coming into the house, they just give them the keys and don't let you know anything else. When you bring up issues they don't apologise or anything they literally don't care. You have to harass them or refuse to pay rent before they are responsive, honestly it has truly been the worst month of my life.
They refuse to give you the details to a manager so you can speak with someone who can actually help you and he makes NO effort to contact you himself.
Avoid the lawnswood road property AT ALL COSTS.
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Property review for 14 Lawnswood Road, Ardwick, Manchester

Property rating: 1
The condition of the property when I moved in was not great. The carpet was beige in colour but was covered in black stains from God knows what, they clearly don't care about having a well presented house. You can tell the property is meant to be a 3/4 bed house but they made it to a 6 bed house so it just feels way to over crowded. The bins pile up fast, there's flies everywhere l, it's disgusting. There's little to no cupboard or fridge space, most of my kitchen stuff is still in my room because I physically have no where to put it.
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Area review for Ardwick, Manchester

Area rating: 6
The area is nice, it's a new build estate with buses right outside. So, it's a real shame everything else is horrendous.
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