Tenancy review for 28 Saint Ronans Road in Nether Edge, Sheffield rented from Thalib Hussain

“Worst landlord I've ever had - threatening and dangerous”
28 Saint Ronans Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, S7 1DX View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 4
Moved In: 06/09/2014
Rent: £1100
Date reviewed: 6 September 2017
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Landlord review for Thalib Hussain, Sheffield

Landlord rating: 1
Aggressive, incompetent, and used to send threatening messages to us when we asserted the importance of repairs being done. My housemate tried to get out of the contract because there was a massive hole in her bedroom ceiling going through the roof and she couldn't sleep in it due to damp/cold. He threatened her. We complained about the ongoing repairs issues and discussed how we thought some money should be deducted from our rent or compensation given for astronomical heating bills due to the hole in the roof in the winter, and the constant need for a dehumidifier. Not only was this refused, he threatened to come and change the lock on us on a Saturday morning - we had to get the council private lettings team invovled who advised us to call the police.

At the end of our tenancy he sat in our living room and was quite intimidating to us.

He also did not carry out an inventory, but he still tried to take all of our deposits from us (he failed after a long battle with the DPS).

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Property review for 28 Saint Ronans Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield

Property rating: 2
A house that looks reasonably newly refurbished at first glance, however steer clear - corners have been cut in many places. For example, the 'wet room' on the ground floor has been built with not ventilation, without a waterproof or sloping floor, and with just a normal wooden door. Sometimes water flows into the hallway and the lack of a proper door or ventilation means damp goes throughout the house and causes black mould on walls. This was advised to me by a damp expert who I pestered the agency to get to visit, after the landlord blamed us for the mould that was forming on walls and green mould behind furniture.

When we moved in, there was a massive hole in the roof, with water pouring through when it rained - when we viewed it he had told us this was already fixed and just needed cosmetic wallpapering/paint. This was not fixed and made that room unlivable and caused us astronomical heating bills. I would not be convinced that there weren't further structural problems considering the general state of the refurbishment.

The back door to the utility room is not an exterior door so cold comes into the house.

The kitchen and bathroom look quite nice, and the carpets are reasonably good, however the upstairs bathroom wasn't sealed properly so at one point water started pouring through into the hallway - the landlord tried to charge us for this.

Garden is nice and enclosed. Bedrooms large.

The gas and electric were on a meter, which on a poorly insulated, detached victorian house with a hole in the roof meant the group of us were absolutely broke, all the time and the power kept going off. He wasn't keen on us getting it changed to billing.
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Area review for Nether Edge, Sheffield

Area rating: 9
I love nether edge and the street is lovely which is why this whole situation was such a shame. The downside was that lots of the landlords family live on the same street which made us feel quite intimidated once he became angry.
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