Tenancy review for 2 Lewisham Way in Brockley, London rented from Tess Hakkinen via Anil Estates Limited

“Never, ever rent from these people”

2 Lewisham Way, Brockley, London, SE14 6PD View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 14/07/2017
Rent: £1500
Date reviewed: 6 September 2018
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Landlord review for Tess Hakkinen, Hanwell

Landlord rating: 1
Beyond appalling. Rude, and magically never in the office when we phoned.

We queried the utilities dispute for the whole of our 12 month tenancy, and our detailed questions were met with non-responses, or where ignored. The landlord told us the meters were broken and were being fixed; this is both untrue, and the same story they told to other tenants in the building 18 months previously. They suggested we pay them £100 a month until the meters were fixed; we refused, and continued asking for more information. The landlord then suggested that if we were not happy, we should move out. All following lines of enquiry where then ignored.

Upon moving out of the property, we never received our deposit, despite both parties signing the declaration to release the full amount. We asked the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to step in, and the landlord refused to aid them in their investigation. They refused to either agree to pay the deposit, or to dispute its repayment, so the matter is now between the TDS and the landlord/agency.
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Letting agent review for Anil Estates Limited, London

Agency rating: 1
Terrible. The staff in the office are either useless or rude. We queried the lack of appropriate refuse disposal at the property, and asked them to get us more bins. They lied to us about doing it, and by the time we left the property after 12 months, the building still did not have the appropriate number of bins.
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Property review for 2 Lewisham Way, Brockley, London

Property rating: 1
The property is a converted shop on the ground floor. The front two bedrooms have floor to ceiling single glazed windows (old shop front) with no insulation. Very noisy, dirty from the road, freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. Living room is basic and sofa uncomfortable.

Currently, there is no option for the tenants to organise their own gas & electricity supply. The landlords say the meters are broken. This is untrue. There are 6 gas and 6 electricity meters, 8 of which are not registered. The only working meters are for the original flat above the shop, and the rest of the building. We queried this for the whole of our 12 month tenancy, and our detailed questions were met with non-responses, or where ignored. The agency suggested
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Area review for Brockley, London

Area rating: 1
New Cross is ok. The property is situated on a busy crossroads with a pub over the road that plays loud music until midnight and beyond 4 nights of the week. No sound insulation in property makes this almost unmanageable.
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